Monday, April 4, 2011

update the 3 D's

Really losing weight is hard. I know it can be a cinch if you watch how many calories you consume but that is also hard. Back from vacation and as everyone says "time to get serious". My biggest downfall is sugar. Any form will do for the sugar monster. On vacation I really did not snack. Snacking is another pitfall.  When it turns into lots of extra calories then it is not considered grazing.

Blood sugar has been doing pretty good. I check it almost every morning. I do not want to get out of control. Taking meds as prescribed. Need to continue my visits to endocrinologist and finish up my work up with GI doc.  Blood work needs to be done. 

I am doing well. Work is good. Would love to sell house but that is for another day I suppose. Vacations working out well. So far family is doing good. I count my blessings. Friends are going through some trials and I pray they will make it through soon.