Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 13-Good Monday

Finally had a walk today instead of the pool. Felt good. Water temp had really dropped over the weekend. I think fall may be coming around.

Blood sugar doing better. This past Sat was a week on the new med. I am sure this is helping. I really could kick myself. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. I have decided my blood sugar monitor is my best friend. She will go with me every where and visit me often, maybe even 3 or more times a day. She really can bite though. I am trying to remember not to poke the same finger in a row. I think I will name her Rosie (you know roses have thorns and they prick your fingers) and she is pink.

Salad today with tuna at lunch. Yum. Got a bit hungry in the afternoon and had some peanut butter. Probably have had a bit too much bread today but it is multi-grain. Need more protein I think.

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