Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 2-Facing myself with reality.

Well I went to the endocrinologist but saw the PA. Not really a problem but was expecting to see the doc.  OK so here goes.

1. Blood sugar is out of control. (morning 207)
2. Got to lose weight. (I knew that).  213 lbs
3. Suggested Byetta which has a lot of terrific qualities, injected with a pen but this is not an insulin. Gave me information and wanted me to consider it. It controls appetite and helps you lose weight as well as control blood sugar. Sounds pretty good except for the needle but is actually smaller than the lancets you stick finger with.
4. Added another med to Metformin called Amaryl.
5. Check blood sugars 3 times a day, morning, before lunch and before supper. Ouch my fingers.
6. Start on low dose Lipitor 10 mg to get LDL down to 70. She is concerned about heart attack and stroke.
7. Go to hospital for dietary class.  I thought I was too good for that one.
8. See a change in blood sugar and come back in a month.

She was not Ms. Personality and did not say "you go girl" when I told her about cleaning out my pantry. I was expecting a pat on the back.  All in all she really seemed to know her stuff.

Did I say that being overweight and having diabetes sucks, oh but it does.

She looks a bit scary, glad my PA did not look like this.

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