Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 8-Learning about low glycemic foods.

A good day with good food. Did a little more looking at low glycemic foods, those foods that help blood sugar stay under control. Foods with a low glycemic index are essential when you are going to be doing an extended period of exercise as they will give you a slow and sustained burst of energy. Most fruits and vegetables, except for those that are very high in carbohydrates (such as potatoes) have a low glycemic index. Others include such products as whole grains, brown rice, cereals, and milk. The general rule is that, if the food is low in carbohydrates (such as dairy products) the likelihood is that they will have a low glycemic index.

On a GI scale of 1 to 100 the lower the number the less sugar there is in the food source. Below 40 is said to be a healthier option. (A few examples)

Nuts and seeds 10 to 30 GI  Beans and Lentils 20 to 30 GI   Bran cereals 25 to 35 GI

Skim Milk 34 GI   Apples and Pears 38 GI    Rye Bread 42 GI   Spaghetti 44 GI

Brown Rice 55 GI   Table Sugar 68 GI   White Bread 73 GI   Coca Cola 77 GI

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